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Project Description

BgEngine is a blog engine built using ASP MVC 3, jQuery and Entity Framework Code First.

This engine allow users to create blog posts, multimedia galleries, manage subscriptions, ...

No database server needed because the web application is ready to use Compact Framework databases.

Technologies and features

Main list of technologies used in this project are:

  • ASP MVC 3 (Web)
  • jquery (client side scripting)
  • jquery ui (user interface)
  • Entity Framework 4.3.1  "Code First" (ORM for data access)
  • Structure Map (dependency injection)
  • Combres (combining, compressing and minifying script and css files)

  The web site was designed following the responsive design approach, for this reason is capable to adapt its layout to all type of devices including, mobiles, tablets and desktop computers.


BgEngine. This version is ready to deploy in classic servers and can use Sql Compact databases or Sql Server ones

BgEngine_Azure. Ready for the cloud and for deployment as web role in Azure environment. It works with Sql Azure

BgEngine_Mobile. Code for build apps with Phonegap build and install the output in several mobile devices as Android,  iOS or Windows Phone

 The default database is a .sdf Compact Framework database, but is easy to change to SQL Server database simply changing the web.config file and uncomment the database initializer lines in Global.asax.

Sample Website

If you want to check a sample site using this app check this one or  my own blog here

Version Control

This project was moved to Github so you can download the most up to date version of the code in the BgEngine Github repository

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